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The 5th InterCity Youth Conference
The ICY Strategic Partnership has started!
Approved Erasmus+ Strategic partnership ”Intercity Youth”!
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A strong statement in the refugee debate
Just released:
Thanks for a great conference INTERACTION for ACTION !
EU-report on youth work quality
Thank you ’s-Hertogenbosh
Welcome to InterCity III

The 5th InterCity Youth Conference

You are very welcome to

Learning for life, learning for labour

When: 17-19 October 2016 Where: Cinisello Balsamo / Milan, Italy

Registration fee: 
For InterCity Youth members 100 euro until July 15th, after this date the fee is 140 euro. For non-members 130 euro until July 15, after this date the fee is 170 euro. Last day for registration: September 16

Registration only via this link:
(Italian participants and speakers will register separately)

Target group: Heads of local departments for youth work and others engaged in youth work development.

Programme: download it here. Information about seminars here.

For more information;

Jonas Agdur, Chair, InterCityYouth                                                                                                                                                Cell: +46 (0)7034 034 71 Email:                                                                 Web:

Massimo Capano, Comune di Cinisello Balsamo

The ICY Strategic Partnership has started!

On 15-17th of May the first meeting of InterCity Youth’s Erasmus+ Strategic partnership on quality indicators for youth work was held in Antwerp, Flanders.

The first day started with a meeting between the board of InterCity Youth and the projects work group, which consists of representatives from the participating organisations. After that the work on developing indicators for youth work started and the work group produced a number of indicators on youth participation.

The work group consisted of the following representatives; KEKS Sweden (coordinator) – Sara Lesch and Johanna Sundvall, VVJ Belgium – Filip Stallaert, KEDITH Greece – Anna Alevra, Kanuuna network Finland – Merja Nordling, Cinisello Balsamo Italy – Massimo Capano, City of ‘s-Hertogenbosch Netherlands – Ger Straten, City of Munich Germany – Robert Wurtzer and Stara Zagora Bulgaria – Mariana Perchelieva.

The board and the work group also made a common study visit to Jongerencentrum Bouckenborgh which is an open youth centre driven by an NGO.

Read more about the project here.
Click to download the agenda for the project meetings here.

Approved Erasmus+ Strategic partnership ”Intercity Youth”!

The project builds on the document “Common grounds and intentions for InterCity Youth” and the report “Quality Youth Work – a common framework for the further development of youth work” and runs between 2016-03-01 and 2018-08-31.

The project addresses the lack of a common ground for youth work and of a clear picture of what constitutes quality in youth work. At the same time it intends, as an overall aim, to build a firm organisational platform where this common ground and view on what is qualitative youth work could be turned into practical quality development through peer learning and exchange of methods and best practices – InterCity Youth – the European Network of Local Departments for Youth Work.

The main objectives of the project are a) to develop sets of common indicators on participation, non-formal learning, gender equality and inclusion of marginalized groups of youth, to be published in a booklet b) to create a web-based library of methods and best practices linked to the indicators.

The partners in the project are:

  1. KEKS, network of municipalities, Sweden – coordinating
  2. Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, Italy
  3. Kanuuna, network of municipalities, Finland
  4. Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
  5. City of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  6. City of Thessaloniki, Greece
  7. VVJ, network of municipalities, Belgium
  8. City of Munich, Germany

For more information about the project please contact

Just released:

Expert group report on the broad contribution and further potential of youth work in the lives of young people. These findings and results can be used by many different groups and stakeholders working with and for young people. Download the report here.

Thanks for a great conference INTERACTION for ACTION !




Mr. Jonas Agdur, Chair of InterCity Youth and KEKS, opens the conference InterAction for Action.

Click here to be re-directed to the report, presentations and film and photo documentation from the conference.

InterCity Youth together with the Swedish network KEKS arranged the international conference INTERACTION FOR ACTION 2-4 November 2015 in Gothenburg Sweden, with support from the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society – MUCF, and JUGEND für Europa, the German National Agency.

The opening speakers were Jonas Agdur, Chair InterCity Youth and KEKS, Mariya Voyvodova, Deputy Mayor, Gothenburg, Roger Mörtvik, State Secretary, Swedish Ministry of Education and Research and Ellen Durst, Policy Officer, European Commission. Key note speakers were Claudius Siebel from JUGEND für Europa, Germany and Dr John Bamber from Center for Effective Services, Ireland.

The conference had over 200 participants from 17 different countries who had the chance to go to 13 different seminars and learn about youth work from various parts of Europe and to make new contacts that may be the starting point of common project within the InterCity Youth network.

The conference was organized in cooperation with KEKS and co-financed by MUCF and JUGEND für Europa.

EU-report on youth work quality

In May 2013 Council of the European Union initiated a European expert group with the task ”To examine youth work quality systems in EU Member States and explore how common indicators or frameworks may be developed.” Jonas Agdur, chairman of InterCity Youth, has been the chair of the group, which has now presented its report.

The report contains both a definition of youth work, its core principles and a description of what constitutes quality in youth work. It also describes the process of quality development and gives many examples of quality tools and systems that can be used to assess and develop youth work. Among these examples are many from members of InterCity Youth!

Download the report here.

Thank you ’s-Hertogenbosh

The 3rd InterCity conference that was held in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, between the 9th and 11th of November turned out a great success! According to the survey sent out after the conference the participants were very happy about the whole event –interesting speeches, stimulating study visits and good discussions in a nice atmosphere was the general conclusion.

Everybody was of course also exited over the founding of InterCity Youth – the European Network of Local Departments for Youth Work! By doing this we have laid a good common ground for future cooperation and peer learning and also established a common voice for local youth work in relation to national and European level. So thank you again ‘s-Hertogenbosch!

Here you can read the report from the conference. Click here.

Below you find some photos from the conference and some films from the study visits made by young people – enjoy!

2014-11-09 17.54.51

2014-11-11 11.11.41

2014-11-11 11.14.05

Youth center “4 west” and Broad School Kruiskamp – “Black group”


Youth center “4 west” and Broad School Kruiskamp – “Yellow group”


Youth center “De Port” (The gateway) – “red group”


T.O.M: tailor made approach on early school leaving – “blue group”


Youth center “4 west” ant Talent discovery – “green group”

Welcome to InterCity III

9-11 November 2014 | ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

This is the third European conference for municipalities in Europe to share knowledge, experiences and policy insights on the topic of youth work. Besides sharing knowledge, experiences and policy insights, the aim of the InterCity Youth Conference is to found the official European InterCity Youth Network. We therefore specially invite representatives interested to become members of the InterCity Youth Network.

InterCity Youth Network
  • The InterCity Youth Network is a European network representing municipalities actively involved in youth work. Through knowledge sharing, peer learning and policy development, we aim to improve the quality and position of youth work within Europe. In the document Common grounds and intentions you will find more information. Jugend für Europa organised in 2012 the first InterCity Youth Conference in Leipzig. Representatives from local government institutions addressed the importance of youth work and the exchange of policy developments in that field. The second InterCity Youth Conference of 2013 in Helsinki concluded to found an official European Network. The third InterCity Youth conference of 2014 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch will found the InterCity Youth Network.

Participants are representatives of municipalities or local government institutions responsible for youth work. Youth work contains all forms of non-formal learning. We strongly invite policymakers and those civil servants who are financially responsible for youth work. The conference and network do not target politicians and youth workers.


Sunday 9 November 2014 p.m:
Official start of the Conference with keynote speaker Mrs. Ulla Laurio, head of cultural youth work centre Happi in Helsinki. The first membership meeting of the InterCity Network will take place.

Monday 10 November 2014
The morning programme will present several speakers like Mr. Ton Rombouts, mayor of ’s-Hertogenbosch and member of the European Committee of the Regions, Mr. Martin van Rijn, State secretary of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Prof. Dr. Micha de Winter, Pedagogical Science Utrecht University and Mr. Jonas Agdur, chairman of KEKS in Sweden and chairman Expert Group on Youth Work Quality Systems in EU Member States.
In the afternoon you are invited to visit several youth projects in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Tuesday 11 November 2014
Plenary programme with knowledge sharing, experiences exchange and discussion as input for the Fourth InterCity Youth Conference in 2015.
After the lunch, the international programme will be finished and the Dutch representatives will continue during the afternoon. Around 50 Dutch representatives of municipalities and youth organisations will be present during the whole day.

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